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You are taking an important step by prioritizing your journey to find a career of purpose.

We should "work to live" not "live to work"...and your career should bring joy & energy to your life.

It's something that so many people want, but few make the time to commit to. You're about to experience the life change that those people crave.

By the end of this course you'll be able to start into a fulfilling & meaningful career and not dread a day of work in your life. (sounds too good to be true, but it's not!)

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Purpose Dreams Analysis
Mini E-Course

The Purpose Dreams Analysis Mini E-course is perfect for anyone who wants a deep dive of self awareness so you can clearly define your purpose and go find purposeful employment efficiently and effectively.

It seems like an obvious correlation, but working outside your giftings without clear direction leads to disengagement. Isn't it worth dedicating about an hour of your time to this course so you can be fulfilled by your work and in purposeful employment?

4 Ways to Find Purpose E-course

Our “4 Ways to Find Purpose at Work” e-course and digital workbook will take you through some self-discovery exercises to outline the life you want to live and a plan to get there; define your unique view of success, and find your why.

All of these things will act as a guide to finding purpose at work, whether that's in a new role or with an adjustment to the one you're in. Don’t settle for work that makes you feel emotionally detached or miserable. This course will help you outline a path to find joy in your work, utilize your purpose, and lead a happier life overall.


Lily, student at St. Louis University

The Find a Career of Purpose E-course has been a wonderful experience. I have gained information that will last a lifetime.

Navigating through the career path journey often seems daunting, but The Purpose Promise training makes it a meaningful and engaging process that I wish I would have done sooner.

Do not miss out on this program! It created a wonderful opportunity to engage in reflection and personal development so I could find a career of purpose after college.

I'm grateful for this opportunity and program!

Tom Thatcher, Executive Director and Former University Provost
In my 30-year career as a Professor, Advisor, and Provost, purpose was always a significant topic of conversation. Students struggle to find purpose in their lives, which makes it difficult to form solid career plans, which impacts their commitment to college.

The large majority of first year experience and academic support programs do not address this critical issue—they do great work with the “what” and “how” questions but fail to help students find the essential “why”.

Lack of purpose means lack of motivation, which significantly impacts retention and persistence. The Purpose Promise program fills this gap by leading current and prospective students on a non-threatening journey to clarity. Highly recommended as a supplement to other career services and enrollment strategies. 

Alex, student at Xavier University

I want to thank you all for this incredible opportunity where I have truly taken the right time and action to reflect on what really matters.

I pray that you all may know the impact you have not just on me, but on so many people.

As I approach graduation and full-time employment in just a few months, I so feel that I have better found direction working within this process, and I am entirely grateful for that.

I look forward to my journey ahead.